“Another Tomorrow” – Script / Screenplay


After a failed night out trying to get women with his best friend, Dave Reese wakes up and finds a dead body in his back garden. His best friend put the body there….

Dave Reese is in a slump. He lives an insular life. Pining for an ex- girlfriend who left two years earlier, listening to crappy sex stories from co-workers who don’t know how to treat women with respect and financially stuck in a rut for which he just about survives, but doesn’t really live his life. In short. Things are not going well for Dave Reese.

His best friend Luke Carter, smooth, suave, sophisticated and armed with looks and confidence that women seem to gravitate to, seems to have it all. One bad night where Dave seems to lose it in desperation in his feeling for his ex girlfriend called Elise calls Luke who comes to his aid. Luke offers a night of freedom and debauchery and tells Dave stop thinking of the past and think of the future. Not that Dave has ever thought of the future in his context being a positive thing.

Orion Taylor has more nefarious things in his mind. After killing three men and frightening the hell out of some street kids at a park. Orion is on a mission, to find something powerful, something he believe is his, something that will make him invincible.

Dave and Luke go out. After an attempt of getting himself some female action and failing miserably. By chance Dave reconnects with an old female friend from college one who in Dave’s words incredibly may have held a torch for him.

It’s a good night and Dave somehow messes up certain sexual action with this old friend, but the mix of drink and self doubt doesn’t prepare him for the real surprise that awaits when he awakes from the night before. A dead body in his garden…

What follows pushes these two friends, learning secrets held deep and their lives to their limits they both fight just not to see another tomorrow, another sun rise, but also they fight something that may change the way Dave Reese and rest of us see the world….

Creative notes: The film is a mix of action thriller and a emotional drama about two friends, who think they know, but don’t. They do need each other….

Another Tomorrow ©

An Original Screenplay by TJ Hall

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