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The Journey Back Home - Script / Screenplay
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The Journey Back Home – Script / Screenplay

A sweeping periodic tale of love, war, and adventure set during WWII but in an alternate universe. Told in three different parts. The first...
Silhouette - Script / Screenplay
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Silhouette – Script / Screenplay

A innocent man murdered by his father for helping the slaves, curses “God” for allowing his father to kill him. Banished to hell, he...
Rainstorm - Script / Screenplay
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Rainstorm – Script / Screenplay

A heart wrenching inter racial love story between a young white Australian girl and an Indian orphan. The drama unfolds in Fiji in a Catholic...
2080 - Script / Screenplay
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2080 – Script / Screenplay

A futuristic sci-fi adventure revolving around time travel! Synopsis: Have you ever decided to write a note to be kept for the future and only...
The President's Dick - Script / Screenplay
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The President’s Dick – Script / Screenplay

After assassinating a foreign leader, a Secret Service Agent must protect the American President from the wrath of a vengeful nine-year-old. Secret Service Agent Dick...
Seller Of Truth - Script / Screenplay
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Seller Of Truth – Script / Screenplay

A young Russian inventor can not find application for his "truth generator" however, despite the objection of the FSB (modern KGB), a rich criminal...

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