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The Journey Back Home - Script / Screenplay
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The Journey Back Home – Script / Screenplay

A sweeping periodic tale of love, war, and adventure set during WWII but in an alternate universe. Told in three different parts. The first...
The Neighbor - Script / Screenplay
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The Neighbor – Script / Screenplay

The laws of the ten commandments are enforced, when Deacon Patrick Graves discovers his wife cheating, leading to a gruesome murder. He goes on...
Le troisième frère (The Third Brother) - Script / Screenplay
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Le troisième frère (The Third Brother) – Guiones

Le manteau de silence couvrant un secret de famille conduit au drame Charles découvre que son petit frère Ludo, disparu depuis 15 ans, habite en...
Silhouette - Script / Screenplay
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Silhouette – Script / Screenplay

A innocent man murdered by his father for helping the slaves, curses “God” for allowing his father to kill him. Banished to hell, he...
Skin Privileges - Script / Screenplay
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Skin Privileges – Script / Screenplay

A man strapped with a C-4 vest and some henchmen take a Detroit police station hostage, streaming it live, threatening to kill the officers...
Developing - Script / Screenplay
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Developing – Script / Screenplay

As Daron develops several old 35mm rolls of film, he discovers links to the past, present, and future. Synopsis: Daron shares with his wife Sarah...

El concurso finaliza: le explicamos porque

  Es con gran tristeza que anunciamos el final del concurso Boostyour15pages sin poder terminar esta aventura contigo. Hemos tenido algunos reveses en las últimas semanas,...