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The Singing Tree - Script / Screenplay
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The Singing Tree – Script / Screenplay

A tree that grows through a broken window keeps a man tied to his sordid past. A prank phone call causes civilian railway stationmaster Kurt...
Le troisième frère (The Third Brother) - Script / Screenplay
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Le troisième frère (The Third Brother) – Guiones

Le manteau de silence couvrant un secret de famille conduit au drame Charles découvre que son petit frère Ludo, disparu depuis 15 ans, habite en...
The President's Dick - Script / Screenplay
62 0 0

The President’s Dick – Script / Screenplay

After assassinating a foreign leader, a Secret Service Agent must protect the American President from the wrath of a vengeful nine-year-old. Secret Service Agent Dick...
Fans - Script / Screenplay
82 0 0

Fans – Script / Screenplay

In this short edgy romantic comedy, John sits alone in an empty theater to wait for a Greta Garbo film to begin, and then...
My 24th Year - Script / Screenplay
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My 24th Year – Script / Screenplay

Four friends going through their whole trials and tribulations in modern day London. ‘You need friends here. Some Friendships go through anything. Some through hell,...
Represent - Script / Screenplay
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Represent – Script / Screenplay

Between preventing his younger sister from joining the “Bloods” and stopping his friends who are “Crips” from killing her. Chris has to make life...

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