Eidolon - Script / Screenplay

Eidolon – Script / Screenplay

Whilst Bailey is looking for her father's killer, while he was undercover years earlier, 2 other murder victims appear, with strange connections to CCTV footage of a ghost. She realizes the cases are all...
"Another Tomorrow" - Script / Screenplay

“Another Tomorrow” – Script / Screenplay

After a failed night out trying to get women with his best friend, Dave Reese wakes up and finds a dead body in his back garden. His best friend put the body there.... Dave Reese...
Taboo establishment - Script / Screenplay

Taboo establishment – Script / Screenplay

A zoologist experiments with rats according to the principle of collective punishment, which leads the rats to begin affecting people’s minds. A post-graduate student, Emily, proposes another concept of the taboo of Dr. Wallis’ experiment...
Corpse Flower - Script / Screenplay

Corpse Flower – Script / Screenplay

After a brutal home invasion, a determined mother must go head-to-head with a sadistic plastic surgeon in order to save her abducted little girl - a little girl who isn't as innocent as she...
Clarity of deception - Script / Screenplay

Deceptive Clarity (Clarity of Deception Version 2) – Script / Screenplay

Bernard Drive, a hotshot lawyer is unaware the women who are being murdered with a large portion of flesh removed from the right side of their face links to his dark past he thought...


An FBI science adviser uses a visible shadowing technique against the Mafia but after initial success, he encounters an unsolvable problem. PhD in Sociology, Steve Murray unexpectedly starts to work for the FBI. He offers...

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