Slow Hot Wind – Script / Screenplay


“Slow hot Wind” is a poignant feature about a man who gets an explosive look behind the curtain of dubious financing methods concerning Alberta’s oil sand exploitation. He has to choose between reality and illusion …

A bank writes off some 800 Million. VICTOR works for an international accounting firm in Germany. He suspects the losses to be a stock market fraud. This pulls him from his everyday routine into a thrilling clue hunt through Germany, France and then Canada. There he quickly takes up with his Canadian assistant LOUISE. He doesn’t notice that she is playing a double game: she also monitors him. To get his trust, she draws Victor into a close relationship. They both analyze their lives and dreams. As a consequence Victor begins to confuse his interest in the mission with his feelings for Louise. But after the murder of an involved trader, Louise decides to protect Victor. She travels with him to Fort McMurray. There she helps him to illuminate the relationship between an industry-conspired oil spill and the fraudulent stock market investments. However, there she disappears…

Big money, investigation, friendship, betrayal: an odyssey that leads from Europe to Canada and the US, and finally, to the key: Henry Mancini’s Music Score “Slow Hot Wind”.

“Slow Hot Wind”, a screenplay of 100 pages, talkative but gripping, atypically constructed: an ordinary man slips into a mission that he believes to control. But it’s nothing else than manipulation, sending him around from place to place, offering a thrilling inside view on how big money, politics and environmental issues may be linked. But this impacting and cutting-edge topic just serves to lead us to the deeper level of the story: Victor has to redefine the sense of his life.

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  1. This script wreaks of socialism. By “dubious financing methods” you mean capitalism. Everything that is against the law isn’t dubious, when everything is against the law. Movies like this with left wing agenda don’t sell. Money Monster lost money.

    All the villains in the world to chose for your script and you chose “prosperity”?