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Rainstorm - Script / Screenplay
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Rainstorm – Script / Screenplay

A heart wrenching inter racial love story between a young white Australian girl and an Indian orphan. The drama unfolds in Fiji in a Catholic...
ORBS - Script / Screenplay
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ORBS – Script / Screenplay

“Orbs” is written along the lines of films such as “Skinwalker Ranch” ad “Extraterrestrial”. The story is about a German farmer named Heimbrecht, who is...
She Waits - Script / Screenplay
89 0 0

She Waits – Script / Screenplay

A war vet recovering from PTSD suffers a setback when his salvage ship goes down in the Bermuda Triangle and he’s the only survivor,...
Tarot of the Demons - Script / Screenplay
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Tarot of the Demons – Script / Screenplay

6 friends use an ancient deck of cards with devastating consequences. The pack is controlled by a karma demon, that chooses their fate on...
Silhouette - Script / Screenplay
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Silhouette – Script / Screenplay

A innocent man murdered by his father for helping the slaves, curses “God” for allowing his father to kill him. Banished to hell, he...
Represent - Script / Screenplay
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Represent – Script / Screenplay

Between preventing his younger sister from joining the “Bloods” and stopping his friends who are “Crips” from killing her. Chris has to make life...

The contest stops: explanations

It is with great sadness that we announce the end of the Boostyour15pages contest without being able to finish this adventure with you. We have...