Silhouette – Script / Screenplay


A innocent man murdered by his father for helping the slaves, curses “God” for allowing his father to kill him. Banished to hell, he vows he’ll kill “God” when a woman with a pure soul wears the sapphire ring he was murdered in.

Synopsis: “SILHOUETTE” is about a man named Douglass. A kind man, nice to the slaves. One night while feeding the slaves, one of them asks, “Why are you nice to us?” Douglass explains the story behind his great-grandmother and the sapphire ring on his right hand, which was passed down to him. His father Sebastian bursts into the quarters, along with twelve other men carrying nooses and machete’s.

Sebastian confronts Douglass about feeding the slaves, and Douglass stands firm by his actions. His father pistol-whips him, knocking him to the floor, and then signals for one of the men to place a noose around his neck. The slave talking to Douglass tries to help, and Sebastian shoots him in the head. The men prop Douglass against the table, and Sebastian takes Douglass right hand placing it on the table, slamming a fork into it, alternating doing his left hand the same.

Sebastian pistol-whips him some more, and then walks over to one of the men taking a machete from him. He comes back to Douglass, telling him, “Burn in hell, nigger lover.”. Douglass looks up with a smile, and before he can get his words out, Sebastian decapitates him. The men begin slaughtering the slaves, while Douglass body stands in spirit form watching the onslaught. A light omits from the ring absorbing his spirit in.

Standing at heaven’s gate is his great-grandmother. His spirit appears, and she tells him come home. Confused about his death. Douglass says “I thought God watches over those who do good?”. She tells him he does, and this is his reward for his good deeds. Outraged, Douglass curses God, vowing he’ll over-throw heaven, when his soul merges with a woman who has a pure soul, when she places the ring on he was murdered in. Banished to hell, his flesh is skinned with rusty razors, as he laughs.

The year is now, 1990. A woman named Chrissy is on her knees covered in dirt and sweat, dressed in a torn nightgown in a dim room laced with mist. Ghoulish creatures are prowling on the walls. Slowly standing to her feet, she shouts in triumph, “I beat you!”. A demonic laughter cuts through the darkness, followed by the words of the Beast saying, “Do you really think you can defeat me?”. The creatures crawl off into the darkness, and just as Chrissy prepares to speak, a arm made of black liquid lunges from the darkness, grabbing her by the throat, pulling her in.

She struggles to get free, as her hands slide through the liquid. Her eyes lock with the white eyes with blue souls circulating through them. The Beast says, “The only God, is me!” The Beast releases a loud growl, slamming her to the floor, and the room turns white. She’s on her knees hacking. Not far from her is the stretched out body of her husband Larry in a pool of blood, with claw marks in his back. She inches over towards him, holding him in her arms sobbing. A tear falls on his face, and he wakes up. Confused where they are, he asks, “What happened?”. She tells him it doesn’t matter. Standing to her feet, she helps him stand, and they begin walking off.

He stops walking and she turns looking at him. He asks her about a threesome when they get home, and she scoffs denying him, implying her religion doesn’t condone such acts. He pulls her in a tight hug, trying to persuade her. The walls crack, and blood slowly drips in. The floor turns into disemboweled bodies, grabbing at her legs. His back spreads open, and black liquid starts pouring out. She struggles to break his hold, and in the voice of the Beast, he says, “If you love me bitch, you’ll do it.”.

She gasps, realizing she’s being held by the Beast. The Beast body is a tall black liquid mass, with scattered human remains throughout the body. The head is half demon and human decomposing flesh, with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, dripping saliva and blood. The arms lift her up, so they can look eye to eye. The Beast says, “Join me now, or spend eternity in hell.”. Declining the offer, a loud bell goes off, and the walls break open, spilling blood and organs. The bodies on the floor rise, spilling their insides. A pair or rotted human arms lunge from the Beast body going through her chest, coming out the back, spilling her insides. The hands latch hold to each side, pulling her a part. The room fills with blood and organs, fading to black.
The year is now, 2016. Samantha is standing in her collection room filled with her artwork, staring at a blank canvas. Her husband Cassidy comes into the room walking over to her. He asks her are they having the party tonight, celebrating another one of her paintings sold. She replies, “Yes.”. He gives her a kiss prepared to leave the room, and then he pauses making his way back to her, telling her to close her eyes. She closes her eyes, and he pulls out a ring box. He tells her open your eyes, and her expression shows she’s not impressed. He laughs, telling her to open it. She opens the box, and her mouth drops in awe, staring at Douglass ring.

She asks where did he get the ring, and he tells her, he stopped at a antique shop, and the man who sold him the ring, was trying to tell him the legend behind it. She asks about the legend, and he gives her a half story, only wanting her to try the ring on. She places the ring on her right hand, and then gives him a kiss. He tells her “I’m about to go get the stuff for the party.”. He walks out, and she continues smiling, turning back to look at the blank canvas.

The night of the party, Bill, Eddie, Tracy, Brenda, Brad, Ted and Cassidy’s ex Tiffany are in the dinning room, waiting for Samantha and Cassidy to come into the room. Cassidy comes in drunk, and Tiffany tries persuading him into the hallway. Samantha comes disrupting their conversation. Tiffany stares Samantha down, and Samantha brushes her off, walking to the fireplace prepared to speak. Tiffany is running off at the mouth provoking Samantha. Samantha walks over to her, grabbing her by the collar, and Cassidy tries breaking them up. The lights flicker on and off, as the ring throbs.

Everyone stops what they’re doing, paying attention to the lights. Tiffany says one more smart remark, and Samantha slaps her with her right hand. As soon as her palm touches her face, black smoke comes rushing out the ring, filling the room. Everyone gasps falling to the floor unconscious. When they awake, unaware of what happened, carrying on with life. One by one, their inner desires and deceit leads to their death by the Beast. Samantha has dreams of each death, while the Beast shows her why he became what he is. Cassidy is trying to save Samantha’s soul before she merges with the Beast, but his valiant effort will possibly fail in the end.

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An Original Screenplay by Bernard Mersier