Rainstorm – Script / Screenplay


A heart wrenching inter racial love story between a young white Australian girl and an Indian orphan.

The drama unfolds in Fiji in a Catholic Orphanage which is run on an austere, strictly religious basis by authoritarian nuns. The pupils are brainwashed into believing that the only way to redemption is to become a nun or priest. Hungry pupils rob the church of wine and communion wafers; some steal a few shillings from collection plates to satisfy their hunger and complement their meager food rations. Confessions to the priest are dispersed with lies in fear of reprisals and beatings from frustrated nuns.

Pupils are constantly reminded never to think about girls, as this will only lead them into temptation and committing the sins of the flesh. Regular checks of bed linens are made for signs of semen stains, and severe punishments are authorized should any stains be found. During evening showers boys are secretly watched by nuns, and if caught masturbating, they are severely beaten.

A tender love affair develops between Susan and Christopher, but it is forcefully ended by the nuns and Chris is forced to flee the orphanage, the only home he has ever known, to make a life for himself in the outside world. Susan is punished for kissing and helping Chris to escape. She is dragged into the wash house, pinned down on the floor by two nuns before soap is rubbed on her tongue by the head nun. Her beautiful blond hair is cropped and shaved by an old fashion razor.

In the meantime Chris is lured into the boxing ring to earn his fare to London fast to start a new life with Susan but that never happens, the nuns have planned a totally different life for Susan to keep her apart from Chris forever.

Unknown to Chris and after being brainwashed by the nuns, Susan is sent to Ireland to become a nun and return to Fiji, caring for the sick in Fiji’s leper colony of Makogai. On her journey to the colony she accidentally meets with her young lover Chris on the quayside during a terrible rainstorm. Her nun’s habit is covered by her long raincoat and a hood — Chris still has no idea that she is a nun. He is confused and upset when he learns of her decision to work with the lepers, being fully aware of the dangers she is exposing herself to. With mixed emotions, she is forced to choose between her love of God and the Indian boy and now must stand by her vows.

The rainstorm worsens and the voyage is cancelled. Susan is persuaded to go back to Chris’s hotel room until it is safe to sail. She enters his hotel room still dressed in the raincoat and hood. Chris demands an explanation as to why she did not keep in touch with him. Eventually she reveals her nun’s habit and Chris is devastated to find out the truth. Unable to change her mind, she leaves only to face a tragic end.

Chris eventually makes it to London alone and after earning enough cash he heads back to Fiji and the island of Mokagai to find Susan but discovers that after working with lepers for 16 years Susan had severely suffered by catching leprosy herself and has died a gruesome death. Chris is seen weeping on her grave.

Creative notes: This screenplay has been adapted from my book titled RETURNED TO DEVIL’S ISLAND. This the basic story that needs a professional screenwriter to tweak dialogue and enhance drama to suit. It is also a prizefighter’s first love lost and found and lost again and also his struggle to reach England, the mother country.

An award-winning Indian director/cinematographer and an English producer have short-listed the script to be filmed on location in either Fiji or Mauritius when funding is in place.


An Original Screenplay by Chris Nand

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