Seller Of Truth – Script / Screenplay


A young Russian inventor can not find application for his “truth generator” however, despite the objection of the FSB (modern KGB), a rich criminal buyer appears.

Gregory invents a device that compels any person to speak only the truth. He’s trying to offer it to various institutions, such as: a school, court, a private detective agency, but no one, except the FSB, was interested in it. Gregory checks out the “truth generator” on his girlfriend, and is horrified by her straightforward answers. He decides to destroy the device, but a rich criminal buyer connects Gregory unexpectedly. The Boss demands to check out the “truth generator” in a country house. During the test it turns out that one of the Boss’s people is an under cover Interpol agent. The Boss orders his bodyguards to kill the agent, making Gregory a dangerous and unnecessary witness.

Creative notes: I’m a Russian writer and know well the material about which I write!


An Original Screenplay by Jacob Greenberg

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  1. Only the FSB wants it? You lost me there. Everybody would want it. It would trigger the biggest squable in history. Not every idea you have is worth writing down. Okay I get the girlfriend thing. But that doesn’t make it a movie. Rewrite this as an action thriller. Everyone wants the technology. But he ends up giving it to the American Indians who could have used it a century ago… or something like that. Environmentalists. Ralph Nadar. Antonio Guterres?