Corruption – Script / Screenplay


Imagine a time when world peace has been achieved threw a peace treaty. In the contract the only way to nullify the peace treaty is to kill everyone who signed. In the wake of all this, a company known as Lotto corp is formed with one purpose: to end the world peace treaty.

One of my main characters Evan Powers is skilled in tracking people so he is hired to find the people who signed the peace treaty. After two people he tracked wound up dead he realized what was going on and quit. Lotto corp then blew up his family’s house and “killed him” and his mom and dad. After all this happens his sister and fiancé find out about all the lotto corp stuff and attempt to pick up where Evan left off.

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Corruption ©

An Original Screenplay by Eric Forslund

Creative notes: Hello my name is Eric Forslund. I graduated film school in Vancouver. I am currently developing a TV show called corruption. Below is a link to a short I did for it as well as the pilot.

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