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Rainstorm - Script / Screenplay
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Rainstorm – Script / Screenplay

A heart wrenching inter racial love story between a young white Australian girl and an Indian orphan. The drama unfolds in Fiji in a Catholic...
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An FBI science adviser uses a visible shadowing technique against the Mafia but after initial success, he encounters an unsolvable problem. PhD in Sociology, Steve...
Developing - Script / Screenplay
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Developing – Script / Screenplay

As Daron develops several old 35mm rolls of film, he discovers links to the past, present, and future. Synopsis: Daron shares with his wife Sarah...
Dreams and reality - Script / Screenplay
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Dreams and reality – Script / Screenplay

A modest woman suffers from the nightmares, where an armed man forces her to change image and rob a bank. Lisa a kind, shy woman...
A Furtive Response - Script / Screenplay
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A Furtive Response – Script / Screenplay

A couple seperated by the loss of a child live a distant existence until a unifying secret is accidentally revealed. Short film, low budget, limited location...
Stealing Spielberg - Script / Screenplay
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Stealing Spielberg – Script / Screenplay

A prison inmate who happens to resembles Steven Spielberg spends 20 years behind bars studying the film director. Once released from prison, the felon...

Le concours s’arrête, pas le cinéma

C’est avec tristesse que nous annonçons la fermeture du concours Boostyour15pages, sans avoir pu aller jusqu’au bout de cette aventure avec vous. Nous avons...