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Taboo establishment - Script / Screenplay
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Taboo establishment – Script / Screenplay

A zoologist experiments with rats according to the principle of collective punishment, which leads the rats to begin affecting people’s minds. A post-graduate student, Emily,...
Think Of England - Script / Screenplay
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Think Of England – Script / Screenplay

The hopelessness and damage of prison. Synopsis: the story follows a brutalized prisoner through a prison system that includes various incompetent officials including the chaplain. The...
Fans - Script / Screenplay
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Fans – Script / Screenplay

In this short edgy romantic comedy, John sits alone in an empty theater to wait for a Greta Garbo film to begin, and then...
The President's Dick - Script / Screenplay
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The President’s Dick – Script / Screenplay

After assassinating a foreign leader, a Secret Service Agent must protect the American President from the wrath of a vengeful nine-year-old. Secret Service Agent Dick...
A Furtive Response - Script / Screenplay
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A Furtive Response – Script / Screenplay

A couple seperated by the loss of a child live a distant existence until a unifying secret is accidentally revealed. Short film, low budget, limited location...
Texas Roundup - Script / Screenplay
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Texas Roundup – Script / Screenplay

A young Texan prosecutor hires a sheriff from the past to fix a problem for the future... EXCERPT: Sheriff (35, rough looking ) goes straight...

The contest stops: explanations

It is with great sadness that we announce the end of the Boostyour15pages contest without being able to finish this adventure with you. We have...