The Coyote

By Marianne Michallet Gordon 53 0
Drama Short

Smuggling illegals from Mexico to the US did not seem a big deal to Edgar at first. But soon it will become his life...


As a young man in a border town in Mexico, Edgar has no chance to make it without the support of a local cartel. Rampant drugs and cartel life have invaded the lives of his family and friends.

When he starts smuggling illegals from Mexico to the US, Edgar gets noticed by El Capo, one of the top cartel leaders on US soil. Things are started to look better for him, as he finds a protector.

Until one day, he recognizes one of the illegal immigrants as a girl he knew back home…

Will they be able to save each other?

Statement of intent

To whom it may concern.

First, I would like to say that I admire your initiative to bring to life some screenplays that would not otherwise get directed.

I have written many short screenplays. But this one is close to my heart because it is based on a real life event. In 2012, I filmed a situation similar to the one in the screenplay, as I was filming for the TV show Border Wars, Season 7, on National Geographic.

On the show, as an Associate Producer, I would shadow Border Patrol and police officers, and too often, I saw young Mexican men who could have otherwise led normal lives, fall pray to the lure of easy money and a sense of power, which the cartel life provides.

I have chosen an angle that is important to me: the angle of "what could have been?" I want the audience to really say: "what if I had been Edgar?'

The style of filming is very naturalistic and very raw and I want to bring the audience to share a moment with the characters as they cross the border.

With this screenplay, I have applied to the very competitive Sundance Labs in 2014 and the AFI Women's directing workshop without success. I thought I would never get an opportunity to direct this movie, but platforms like yours give me hope that my voice may be heard, as a woman filmmaker and writer who has a lot to say. I have seen extraordinary things in my life and I would love to share them with the world. Thank you for making the world of filmmaking a less gender-biased place.

Thank you for your consideration.

Marianne Michallet Gordon

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About the author

Marianne Michallet Gordon

Marianne Michallet Gordon

Marianne Michallet. Author. Marianne studied film and theater at Lee Strasberg School and the New York Film Academy in New York. She shot a documentary about the Banking world called "Banker", that she is currently editing. She has produced a fiction film named "Summertime" (or The Dynamiter, in the US version), which received the jury prize in 2012 at the Deauville Film Festival. She has worked as an associate producer on the series "Border Wars" on National Geographic and as a researcher on the Dutch documentary "Droomland Amerika". She is also a graduate of ESCP Europe.


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The Coyote

By Marianne Michallet Gordon

Smuggling illegals from Mexico to the US did not seem a big deal to Edgar at first. But soon it will become his life...


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