Norbert LLarás

    CEO & Executive Producer - ALHENA PRODUCTION

    Barcelona, Spain |

    To many the idea of a producer is someone with a calculator in one hand and a script in the other, but producers do more than just talk money. They have the responsibility to create an environment where the talent of the cast and crew can develop and flourish. Norbert Llaràs believes he understands this responsibility.

    As an independent producer, for more than over 18 years, his approach to producing is simple: make authentic films with a personal print but with an international heart. This summarizes his philosophy and its what drove him to create with french producer Simon Marre his production company Alhena, based in Barcelona, where he is the CEO & Executive Producer. As an executive producer he has drove the development, financing and production of numerous documentaries, feature films, short films and TV movies that have won several awards in a big range of festivals.

    Most recently Llaràs has been one of the great winners of the 50th edition of the Sitges International Film Festival 2017. His project Matar a Dios, has been awarded the Grand Prix of the Audience, and the short RIP has been chosen by the jury as the Best Short Film. Other projects include: Implosion (2011), Timecrimes (2007), Dark Buenos Aires (2010). He is currently producing the short film La Mala Fe (2018) that is in its post-production phase.