David Lindner Leporda

    Independent creative Producer - FILMALLEE

    Munich, Germany |

    In 2006 while studying film production at the Munich HFF, Lindner Leporda took fate into his own hands and founded the german production company FILMALLEE. This company is based in Munich, they describe their production focus on stories with sophisticated narrative and documentary films.

    As a member of the Boostyour15pages jury he says to be looking for screenwriters that bring to the page something unexpected mixed with heartfelt stories that move people. He also believes this can be an unique opportunity for writers, film lovers, producers and filmmakers to be a part of a new approach “If you’re looking for an opportunity to tell your story then come and grab it. It’s here!’’ explains the producer.  

    Lindner has received three nominations for the European Film Award, won two Romanian Film Awards and produced in 2011 Silent River, a short  film drama set in Romania in 1986 directed by Anca Miruna Lazarescu. The film is considered the most awarded German as well as Romanian short film to date, after receiving 82 international awards and being invited to over 300 film festivals. 

    Last year Lindner also won last year Most Promising German Producer at the Bavarian Film Award.

    His most recent films are: And The Moon Stands Still, That Trip We Took With Dad, Free To Go.