Get your short film made in our Boostyourfilm competition

Follow the official Boostyourfilm launch where you have the chance to enter our short-film competition and make your movie



Its official. Breaking news. Your social network dedicated to independent film will be officially launched on February 1.

Boostyourfilm invites you to join us at our official launch ceremony in the city of Lyon, France, in which it is based.

But if you can’t make, it don’t worry. You don’t have to be there to take part in our BoostYour15Pages competition.  The six award winners will have their work produced and made into one long film.

The juries of the contest, which comprises producers and directors, will be presented on the night. If you want to know how to participate, follow us on Facebook and on our website where we will be giving the full details.

The main event of the launch will be a roundtable of distinguished guests with the theme of the subsidised audiovisual production and the emergence of new talent.

In attendance will be a panel comprising directors, producers, distributors. They will be tackling questions such as:

  • Does the independent cinema really exist?
  • Can an independent cinema be profitable?
  • How to define independent cinema?

If you are a writer, director, producer or simply interested in filmmaking, share, tweet and spread the word of the boostyourfilm launch.

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