Eidolon – Script / Screenplay


Whilst Bailey is looking for her father’s killer, while he was undercover years earlier, 2 other murder victims appear, with strange connections to CCTV footage of a ghost. She realizes the cases are all connected with each other, as the victims and culprits lives are entwined with a man in a coma.

The body of a drunk driver is found and Detective Lauren Bailey is sent to her first case. In another day, a woman’s body is found, seemingly raped. At the same time, Bailey is investigating the murder of her own father whilst he was undercover, where 25,000 went missing, along with his mobile phone. The 3 cases start to merge, as the evidence ties to money laundering, a children’s home, and a very unlikely assailant, which saves another involved, from suicide, whilst in custody. The assailant walked through the cell wall! Bailey searched through her father’s diary, to find he was speaking to a paranormal investigator, as he thought he was being followed by a ghost. He also stated that there was a dirty cop, using evidence money to launder for himself. Everyone is a suspect, including her boss, and partner, who secretly has her father’s phone. With CCTV footage of the ghostly assailant in all cases, Bailey contacts Aled, the paranormal investigator. They find the drunk’s son is in a coma, who is solving the crime as an eidolon, a ghostly form living between life and death. It’s a race to find the missing money, and solve the crimes, as the unlikely mole finds Bailey first, when she lies that she has found the missing money, to lure him out!

Creative notes: Eidolon is a crime thriller, with a supernatural hint of a twist. Eidolon in the dictionary, is classed as a spectre, who may or may not be dead. In this case, he is on the brink of death.

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Eidolon ©

An Original Screenplay by Tina Balli