Tarot of the Demons – Script / Screenplay


6 friends use an ancient deck of cards with devastating consequences. The pack is controlled by a karma demon, that chooses their fate on their future intentions, and reveals betrayal and murder between them. When 6 becomes 5, then 4, who is to blame?

Jake steals a box from a burnt down dead witch’s house. Clare, his girlfriend, manages to open the box after all fail. Unknowingly, they release a demon genie, that watches over them when they use the cards. Getting spooked by strange goings on, including visions by Alex, who does the reading, they go out for more beer. Alex’s brother is killed in a hit and run, which was in a vision. now there are 5. They try to destroy the cards to no avail, then ask a priest for help, who winds up dealing with his own karma. An expert in occult explains that they must finish the readings, or the box will stay open and the world will feel its wrath. They decide to finish what they started in the witch’s burnt house. Here much is revealed including the murder of Alex’s brother by Jake, his girlfriend Clare having an affair with his best friend Brad. Alex and Jake are killed, and Clare, Dale and Brad escape. The box closes with the demon and cards inside. Later Brad is killed, leaving Dale and Clare to pick up their lives. The box disappears, and reappears at a market, where it is stolen by a gypsy couple. Finally the demon has found the witch’s family, who killed her for trying to release him back to his own world. He is released, takes them back to the demon realm, leaving our world.

Creative notes: I created my own unique deck, the demon realm tarot to use in the movie, which are a real deck available to purchase online. Check out my facebook page, ‘demon realm tarot’. Also available is a fully illustrated paperback guide book.
The demon Hsanatasi, is an anagram of mine and a friend – Sasha and Tina – and was based on a real dark energy.

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Tarot of the Demons ©

An Original Screenplay by Tina Balli