ORBS – Script / Screenplay


“Orbs” is written along the lines of films such as “Skinwalker Ranch” ad “Extraterrestrial”.

The story is about a German farmer named Heimbrecht, who is trying to figure out the mystery hidden behind the livestock mutilation which happened several time in his farm. The last of his foals has been abducted by a mysterious brightness and he runs for it with the rifle ready in his hands.

Meanwhile a heartbreaking lady, Tania, gets kidnapped by a criminal, Chavez, who forces her to drive him with her car to escape from a police patrol, driven by officers Luca and Simone. The race ends on a dirt road, where a black mass falls from the sky blocking the passage. The police patrol reaches them. After Chavez has been handcuffed, the officers approach the black mass of the size of a foal’s body. Suddenly Heimbrecht appears jumping from a tree. All eyes of them get up to the sky, where a light ball is suspended just above them. Heimbrecht shoots at it rousing the fury of the light ball. The five of them are now forced to run into their cars and try to survive the light ball attack. We’ll they be able to face the threat and discover the mystery behind the light ball’s appearance?


An Original Screenplay by Cesare Massaini

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