The Blacc Rose Family – Script / Screenplay


“Nothing should ever place fear in you.”, is the motto of ruthless drug king Blu rose. On the night of a drug deal, he encounters sixteen-year-old Bryant, who is about to learn there’s a difference in pretending you’re a killer and actually being one.

Synopsis: “THE BLACC ROSE FAMILY” is about ruthless drug king, Blu Rose, picking up the family business, twenty-one years after witnessing the murder of his mother. He’s standing on the roof of an abandon project building, along with his henchmen Tyson and Slice. The man responsible for her murder, Lawrence, is tied down to a chair, with ropes around his body wrapping around spikes in the roof. The barrel of a shotgun is in his mouth, duct taped.

Blu signals for Slice to go back into the building. Slices comes back holding multiple black garbage bags, placing them down beside Blu. Blu has a few words for Lawrence, before opening one of the bags, revealing pieces of Lawrence dismembered children. As the vomit builds up in Lawrence mouth, Blu places his finger on the trigger of the shotgun, blowing his head off.

The next day in the real estate office. Blu sits behind his desk looking at his laptop. He clicks on a file titled “My businesses”. The file opens and there’s three folders, “Club grade A, Good eating and the spot.”. One at a time, he looks at what’s going on in each of his establishments, from the cameras he has hidden. He notices the shady activity going on in the spot and at Good eating. He nods his head okay, closing the laptop.

The night of a drug deal, he encounters Bryant. A teenager portraying he’s a gangster, until Blu puts him to the test, and he fails. As the body count rises, and detective Walsh, a cop who once worked for Blu’s mother is reassigned back to the case, due to black roses found at each murder scene. Blu has to avoided being arrested by Walsh, and at the same time, keep up with his businesses, while eliminating the people trying to kill him.

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The Blacc Rose Family ©

An Original Screenplay by Bernard Mersier