Taboo establishment – Script / Screenplay


A zoologist experiments with rats according to the principle of collective punishment, which leads the rats to begin affecting people’s minds.

A post-graduate student, Emily, proposes another concept of the taboo of Dr. Wallis’ experiment with rats: first, taboo is a road to freedom instead food and, second, the rats receive collective punishment for each attempt to cross the border. Dr. Wallis falls in love with Emily. The experiment intimidates the lab employees and they leave. The rats begin to affect people’s minds. Dr. Wallis wants to terminate the experiment but it is too late – Emily commits suicide and the rats escape from the cage. The police arrests Dr. Wallis but a high-ranking State official offers him his freedom as the price for his help. A chief of a military unit overrules orders and attacks the rats by himself. Unexpectedly he starts shooting at his soldiers and they kill him. Dr. Wallis finds a way to exterminate the rats but the State official deceives him…

Creative notes: I offer a dramatic thriller screenplay, “TABOO ESTABLISHMENT”, with a strong social message.


An Original Screenplay by Jacob Greenberg

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