Skin Privileges – Script / Screenplay


A man strapped with a C-4 vest and some henchmen take a Detroit police station hostage, streaming it live, threatening to kill the officers in the building, unless one officer tells the truth about his crime, along with explaining the difference between black and white people.

Synopsis: “SKIN PRIVILEGES” is a story about Tyreka Combs. The daughter of Howard Combs, a franchise deli shop-owner in Detroit, Michigan. On the night of Sunday service, she barely escapes from being raped by her Reverend Dwayne Hill. Running from the church, she comes to a stop when her phone rings. Answering her phone, she begins explaining what almost transpired, and the searchlight from a squad car is shinned on her. Detective Stanton Wells tells her to come over to the car. She walks over prepared to tell her story, and before she can get her words out, he sprays her in the face with mace. Stanton quickly gets out grabbing her, placing her in the backseat.

As Stanton, Norman Yates the police captain, and Dwayne drive off. Dwayne is in the backseat beating Tyreka until she goes unconscious. Stanton asks Dwayne. “Where do you wanna do this?”. Dwayne replies, “At the roundup”. Norman says, “I’m amazed. You’re the only nigger allowed in.” Without feeling shamed by what Norman said, Dwayne says, “I’m allowed in, because I bring money and hoes. The keys to you crackers heart.” The three laugh. Dwayne feels on her breast, grabbing the phone, pulling it from her shirt pocket. He becomes nervous, telling Stanton and Norman she has someone on the phone. Norman replies, “Who cares? The mayor is one of my good friends, and I’m the captain. She was on the phone with some dumb nigger trying to fuck anyway. Hang up.”.

A month after the death of Tyreka’s viscous rape, beating and murder. One by one, Dwayne, the mayor Jeffery Tines and Norman are abducted, being held hostage. Cai “Pronounced Say” comes into the the police station wearing a full-length black leather coat, carrying a laptop in his left hand, while his right hand stays in his coat pocket. Approaching the front desk, he places the laptop down, and the officer behind the desk, Simmons asks, “How can I help you?” Cai replies, “Can you help yourself, the remaining officers in the building, and detective Stanton?”. Cai prepares to open his coat, and Simmons quickly stands up taking aim on him, and the other officers in the building focus on Cai, taking aim as well. Stanton comes running from his office, and Cai tells Stanton have Simmons frisk him, before the situation gets worse. Stanton gives the okay, and Simmons opens his coat, stepping back in fear, staring at the vest strapped with C-4 and hand grenades.

Cai asks Simmons, “Do you have any children?”. Simmons replies, “No.”, and Cai says, “Then you won’t be missed.” One of the officers takes aim on Simmons blowing his brains out. Stanton goes to reach for his gun, and the other officers take aim on him. Stanton places his hands in the air. Cai pulls out a walkie talkie, telling the rest of his crew to lock the building down. AJ, Vincent and Xavier come from the basement. AJ and Xavier walk over to Cai, while Vincent goes over to Stanton taking his gun.

Cai tells AJ and Vincent to help the other men barricade the doors and windows. Cai then focuses his attention on Stanton, telling him they should have this conversation in his office. Vincent walks Stanton into his office at gun point, while Cai grabs his laptop, and then makes his way into the office.

From there, Cai streams a video of the three he has captured on the news and internet, telling the police to call off the search, because they’ll never find them, and their lives rests in the hands of Stanton. After the video is finished streaming, he angles the laptop so him and Stanton are on the screen, streaming their conversation live, telling officers as well as citizens of Detroit to come to the police station.

Police officers are outside prepared to charge in, and the citizens outside some for Cai and others against him, are protesting. The conversation between Cai and Stanton gets thick, and one of Cai’s men has a hidden agenda that will soon be revealed. Stanton has to speak the right words, before not only the three Cai has hostage are killed…everyone in the building can possibly die.

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Skin Privileges ©

An Original Screenplay by Bernard Mersier