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Between preventing his younger sister from joining the “Bloods” and stopping his friends who are “Crips” from killing her. Chris has to make life changing decisions, before his sister ends up dead, and he gets deep in the gang world.

Synopsis: “REPRESENT” is based on some true events. The story revolves around Chris. A teenager aiming to finish the last few weeks of school, while watching over his sister. One night, Chris is riding around Detroit, with his friend Clip. Clip is frustrated his fellow Crip member was murdered by a rival Blood. Chris is sympathetic to his anger, but he’s confused at the fact they’re on the West Side. Clip tells him, one of the people involved in the murder lives in the area.

From confused to worried. Chris questions Clip about killing the person, while he’s in the car. Clip pulls over across the street from a liquor store, and then places a blue bandanna around his face, before placing a Desert eagle on his lap. Chris tries to stop him, but Clip gets out, making his way across the street to the store.

Brandon is inside the store grabbing some beers, unaware Clip is in the store. Brandon gets to the counter placing his beers down, and Clip runs over hitting him in the mouth. The two begin fighting, putting on a good show, until Brandon grabs one of the beers hitting Clip over the head, causing him to fall to one knee. Brandon makes his way out the store, and Clip gains his focus chasing after him.

Brandon is running for his car, when Clip comes out pulling the Desert eagle out, shooting him in the back. While Brandon is on the ground, Clip runs over flipping him over. Clip has a few select words. Brandon laughs prepared to respond, and Clip shoots him once in the head, and four times in the chest.

Clip runs back to the car, and before he can get in closing the door good, Chris is already flying down the street. From that point on, Chris life takes a downward spiral. He gets jumped in the bathroom by Tony and some other Bloods, because of the comment he made in class about Brandon’s murder. His sister Tasha is trying to date Tony, and join the Bloods. Clip and the rest of the Crips are out to kill Tasha, as well as Tony. Chris has to make some life changing decisions before Tasha ends up dead, and he gets deep into the gang world.

Creative notes: I based the script on true incidents in my life, because I feel it’s young people out here in the world who believe once they’re in a gang, they’re untouchable, and that’s far from true. So, instead of showing one side of what a gang is. I felt I should display the bad that comes along with it, to give a person something to think on, before picking up a flag to represent something.

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An Original Screenplay by Bernard Mersier