High School Redemption – Script / Screenplay


In exchange for a devastating sacrifice, an abusive alcoholic (killing his wife in a drunk-driving accident) receives a divine offer to relive his high school days in order to bring her back.

At West Point High, Daniel is looked upon as somewhat of a golden boy. He’s captain of the football team, he has the chiseled good looks, the car and of course, the girl. Her name is Nicole and she’s every bit as pretty as he is handsome.

Daniel and Nicole, dressed to the nines, arrive at school for their senior prom, where they are welcomed by the rest of the gang in the cool-kid set, secret handshakes and all.

Later, Daniel catches a glimpse of what can only be described as an apparition of a man dressed all in white, briefly staring at him and then appearing to walk through a wall.Is this an omen that this night of dancing and celebration may or may not end well? Perhaps, but Daniel assumes his eyes are playing tricks on him and shakes it off.

After a troubling encounter with his old girlfriend, Amber, Daniel steps outside to get some air. When he returns to the gym, he finds Nicole dancing with one of the definitely not so cool kids, Timmy, the result of a DJ dance contest. Daniel goes ballistic and all but drags Nicole out the door and into the parking lot. Seems our boy doesn’t know the difference between loving someone and owning them.

In the parking lot, Daniel’s best friend, John, tells him that if he doesn’t watch it, he’s going to lose the best thing that has ever happened to him, meaning Nicole. Daniel doesn’t want to hear it. He rejects John’s advice and his friendship in no uncertain terms.

We jump forward in time to their 20-year class reunion where John and his wife, April, wonder aloud if Daniel and Nicole will even show up, given that they haven’t heard a word from them for all these years. When Daniel and Nicole finally do show up, not much has changed. Nicole’s still beautiful. Daniel’s still handsome and he still has an attitude that won’t quit. When they get a moment alone, Nicole explains to April that Daniel keeps her somewhat isolated from the outside world, but she can’t leave him. In spite of everything, she still loves him.

Timmy shows up, and as luck would have it, the unpopular nerd kid is now the class millionaire. But even so, Daniel won’t give him the time of day.

Daniel tells Nicole he’s ready to leave. It’s obvious to everyone that Daniel has had too much to drink and has no business driving, but there’s that attitude thing again! Daniel refuses to listen to reason, and they drive off.

Daniel pays a heavy price for his arrogance. His drunkenness leads to a serious accident and he wakes up the next morning in a hospital bed. A police detective informs him that Nicole and the four occupants of the other vehicle died in the accident. John’s words have proved to be prophetic. Not only has Daniel lost what he held dearest, his wife, but he’s about to be charged with felony DUI and manslaughter!

Through a twist of fate, Daniel’s prayers are answered in the form of a man dressed all in white, with an almost supernatural glow around him. It’s Gabe, the being he caught a glimpse of 20 years earlier at the prom.

Daniel gets a 2nd chance, beginning with a redo of his first meeting with Nicole. It’s a trial, not a free ride. However, Daniel does change, avoiding the tragedy that had taken Nicole’s life.

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High School Redemption ©

An Original Screenplay by Stephanie Sharp

Script has been professionally critiqued and rewritten to ensure that it meets proper industry standards. It has also obtained excellent feedback from notable people in the industry. An official ‘Best Scene Table Read’ of the infamous ‘drunk-driving scene’ has been provided via professional actors.

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