Half Way House – Script / Screenplay


Moxie Baxter is released from youth detention and sentenced to Pasternak, a half-way house for troubled girls. There she has celebrity but must battle the neighborhood vigilante to find her inner superhero.

Margot Baxter a.k.a. Moxie, 23, a trouble making girl with jet black hair from the eviscerated rot of New York City, has become a legendary criminal and celebrity by unorthodox means; but the rewards of fame elude her as she is trapped in a half-way house that turns out to be as quirky as she is.

To her dismay, she finds the sight, sounds and smells very different in rural-suburbia when she is released from prison and sentenced to Pasternak, a half-way house for troubled girls. As the house falls into disrepair around her she seeks seeming friendship in Willa, a drug abuser from Los Angeles that has an unattainable taste for sweet leadership; Penny, from the soggy wetlands of Louisiana, sentenced for petty theft; Tawny from south North Dakota, and Dot from north South Dakota— both with vocal imploding personalities, that have been sentenced to Pasternak for arson. Overseeing all, is Teresa Thorndyke, the sour House Mother, and two trustworthy but slightly inept, unsound, security guards.

To make matters worse, the house is divided down the middle from Pendleton, the boys’ home on the Nevada/Utah state line and a one hour time difference. Login, Aaron and Kyle are Nevada boys that wear too much Axe Body Spray and know how to party. They also enjoy embarrassing the girls at every turn.

Everyone Moxie meets has issues, but someone wants her sent back to prison… or worse yet— unremittingly, unequivocally, dead.

A robed figure, the girls have nicknamed Vigilante, is on the loose in the neighborhood. Moxie must bring the girls together and fight their adversary with homemade, rough wooden weapons, and try to solve the mystery of the malefactor before anyone gets killed— as well as, find herself, show her own inner beauty, and fuel her girl power in the process.

Creative notes: From the Author of Rose Red And The Seven Elves, Go Get The Girl, and Dragons Versus Dinosaurs.

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Half Way House ©

An Original Screenplay by G. L. Strytler