Clarity of deception – Script / Screenplay


“Your past finds a way to creep up on you.” A lesson Bernard Drive, the best lawyer in the county of Harper Woods, Michigan is about to find out. Women are being murdered, and for each kill, a large portion of flesh is removed from the right side of their face.

Synopsis: “CLARITY OF DECEPTION” is about Bernard Drive. A hot shot lawyer in the city of Harper woods, Michigan who has a dark past that’s about to catch up to him. After winning the biggest case in the city. Bernard comes from the courthouse, and reporters eagerly ask him, how does he feel about winning the case? With a cocky response, he leaves them silent, making his way down the street to his Benz. Standing by his driver side door is a homeless man, jingling a cup full of coins. Bernard gets to him covering his mouth, and the man stops jingling the coins staring at him.

The man proceeds to antagonize Bernard, and Bernard grabs him, pinning him against the car prepared to swing, when he looks back seeing the reporters making their way to them. He slings the man to the side getting in his car, and before closing the door, the man throws a balled up paper bag into the car, saying, “This is a case you won’t win.”. The man moves his hand, just as Bernard slams the door, pulling off before the reporters get to him. Driving a few blocks away, he pulls into an alley grabbing the bag, opening it. Written in sloppy black marker is a message reading, “Vengeance is only sweet, when you make the person you love realize how sweet it is.”. Bernard laughs throwing the bag out the window, pulling out the alley.

That night, Bernard sits on his bed drinking a glass of cognac, laughing at the note. He gets up to pour another glass, and he pauses having a flashback of his childhood. Coming back to reality, he hits his fist on the mini bar upset. On the other side of town, the whimpers from a woman tied to a pillar are heard. Her killer approaches, and she gets ready to scream, but the killer shoves a pair of rusted garden shears under her chin into her mouth, opening them. Removing the shears, the killer takes out a scalpel removing a large portion of flesh from the right side of her face.

More women are randomly killed, with the signature flesh removed from the right side of their faces. The lead detective on the case Charlie Sling, has no hard evidence to begin trying to track down who the killer is. When people close to Bernard start dying, and the killer leaves clues pointing towards Bernard. Charlie has to piece together the outcome, while Bernard has to relive his past, hopefully being able to give Charlie an idea of who the killer is. Bernard learns the lesson “Whatever you do in the dark, always comes to the light. And you pay what you owe, in ten fold.”

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Clarity of deception ©

An Original Screenplay by Bernard Mersier