Dreams and reality – Script / Screenplay


A modest woman suffers from the nightmares, where an armed man forces her to change image and rob a bank.

Lisa a kind, shy woman and is a single mother with a daughter live in difficult conditions. Lisa doesn’t have enough money, so she takes on any job. She has a dream where John, a dangerous man, offers her to rob a bank but she is far from any violence. Before the robbery, he demands that Lisa should go to the hairdresser, where her appearance is changed to that of a criminal woman. In reality she and her mom go to a fortune teller, meets a potential suitor at a coffee shop, which appears as the director of the bank in her dream. Lisa robs the bank, becomes the owner of 10 million dollars, but, as it turns out, it was just a dream.

Creative notes: “DREAMS AND REALITY” (64 pages) is a very original script on the theme of women’s emancipation.


An Original Screenplay by Jacob Greenberg

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