The Journey Back Home – Script / Screenplay


A sweeping periodic tale of love, war, and adventure set during WWII but in an alternate universe. Told in three different parts. The first part of finding first love. The second part of fighting in the battlefields. And the third part of which the title of the film lets loose.

The film tells the story of a young man named Thomas who later meets and falls in love with a beautiful young woman. When he’s sent to go fight in the war in Germany, Thomas makes a promise to his loved one that he would one day come back to her as soon as could. So, after having fought in many battles, Thomas later decides to take the risk and journeys back home to his loved one while embarking through various beautiful landscapes, even running into a few people along the way.

Hello, my name’s Timothy. I am 23-years-old wishing to one day make it into the film industry with this first screenplay. I live in the state of California with my family of 4. Movies mean an important part of my life. I hope that one day someone out there really likes what I have written and to see it make it onto the big screen.

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The Journey Back Home ©

An Original Screenplay by Timothy Stoneman