An FBI science adviser uses a visible shadowing technique against the Mafia but after initial success, he encounters an unsolvable problem.

PhD in Sociology, Steve Murray unexpectedly starts to work for the FBI. He offers a new strategy to eliminate the Mafia (a visible shadowing), trains his team and begins to execute the “Permanent shadowing” project. The first suspect – Barbara the prostitute hands over her supplier, the ex-boxer Bruce, but her surveillance continues. She suffers from depression. Barbara shows a striptease and tries to commit suicide but she is rescued, testifies and agrees to witness in the court. The second suspect – Bruce cannot endure the permanent shadowing. He hands over his supplier – a gangster Fred as well. Fred kidnaps Steve’s colleague’s daughter but Steve intimidates him and releases the girl. A chief of the Mafia – Herbert Walsh kidnaps Steve. He threatens to kill Steve’s girlfriend but, on the other hand, offers Steve a fine career. Steve doesn’t agree for collaboration but after this meeting Fred is killed, the project is finished without results and Steve takes position as a vice-director of the FBI.

Creative notes: I had a similar experience (a visible shadowing) in my life in the USSR.


An Original Screenplay by Jacob Greenberg

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