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Soulful conversation - Script / Screenplay
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Soulful conversation – Script / Screenplay

An unusual dealer involves a young couple in a strange deal. Synopsis: A non-religious woman regards with humor an unexpected offer to sell her husband's...
Under The Cupid Sign - Script / Screenplay
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Under The Cupid Sign – Script / Screenplay

A shy religious guy meets a girl that can solve all his problems, but after the wedding he discovers that he married… a witch. Synopsis:...
Race To The Dragon's Den - Script / Screenplay
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Race To The Dragon’s Den – Script / Screenplay

After surviving a plane crash in the harsh deserts of Iran, a U.S. Air Force pilot stumbles across the largest buried treasure in history. Synopsis:...
Adult Stem Cells - Script / Screenplay
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Adult Stem Cells – Script / Screenplay

A man, 36, decides to show his love for his deceased mother grafting her cells to always carry her. But the cells mutate ... Synopsis: David, decides...
Corpse Flower - Script / Screenplay
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Corpse Flower – Script / Screenplay

After a brutal home invasion, a determined mother must go head-to-head with a sadistic plastic surgeon in order to save her abducted little girl...
The President's Dick - Script / Screenplay
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The President’s Dick – Script / Screenplay

After assassinating a foreign leader, a Secret Service Agent must protect the American President from the wrath of a vengeful nine-year-old. Secret Service Agent Dick...
Clarity of deception - Script / Screenplay
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Deceptive Clarity (Clarity of Deception Version 2) – Script / Screenplay

Bernard Drive, a hotshot lawyer is unaware the women who are being murdered with a large portion of flesh removed from the right side...
Half Way House - Script / Screenplay
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Half Way House – Script / Screenplay

Moxie Baxter is released from youth detention and sentenced to Pasternak, a half-way house for troubled girls. There she has celebrity but must battle...
Tarot of the Demons - Script / Screenplay
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Tarot of the Demons – Script / Screenplay

6 friends use an ancient deck of cards with devastating consequences. The pack is controlled by a karma demon, that chooses their fate on...