Corruption - Script / Screenplay

Corruption – Script / Screenplay

Imagine a time when world peace has been achieved threw a peace treaty. In the contract the only way to nullify the peace treaty is to kill everyone who signed. In the wake of...
"Another Tomorrow" - Script / Screenplay

“Another Tomorrow” – Script / Screenplay

After a failed night out trying to get women with his best friend, Dave Reese wakes up and finds a dead body in his back garden. His best friend put the body there.... Dave Reese...
"Sunstorm" Screenplay

“Sunstorm” Screenplay

A small time smuggler lands a high priced contract but is hunted by a superhuman assassin intent on stopping him from delivering a device that could save the lives of millions of Martian colonists. Saul...
Seller Of Truth - Script / Screenplay

Seller Of Truth – Script / Screenplay

A young Russian inventor can not find application for his "truth generator" however, despite the objection of the FSB (modern KGB), a rich criminal buyer appears. Gregory invents a device that compels any person to...
Stealing Spielberg - Script / Screenplay

Stealing Spielberg – Script / Screenplay

A prison inmate who happens to resembles Steven Spielberg spends 20 years behind bars studying the film director. Once released from prison, the felon and his partners in crime then begin to put their...
Breadcrumbs - Script / Screenplay

Breadcrumbs – Script / Screenplay

Alec, an aspiring writer, seeks to know more information about his sister's sudden death, when he finds out things aren't exactly how they seem. Alec, who was once full of passion, is now on a strict...

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