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Now, if you want to give your story a chance to get on the silver-screen, then read carefully following:

5 easy steps to build your audience

1) Recruit your key supporters.

Identify around 20 persons who you think will be active participants to raise your audience. Invite them personally to sign up on Some people may be simple friends, but most should be movie fans or professionals who are familiar with your work. Ask your friends in the movie business to recommend your work to others and make sure they know how to use social media.

2) Identify keywords and raise audience activity.

To build your audience from scratch, make sure you know the key words of your story that will catch people’s interest. Spend time chatting on your project page ensuring that the audience will incorporate these key words. Raise the audience with posts, questions, and other forms of content every day. But like any good parent, you stay around to watch your little grow to become adult – a huge audience.

3) Involve early members.

It’s also essential that you include your first members in a personal way, particularly in the early days. Use email, social media and even the phone to make people aware of key events or evolution of your project so that they can join in the conversation or participate. Email to inform early members of recent activity and invite them to log in to join the conversation.

4) Collect feedback.

Collect qualitative feedback from your audience. Make sure that you identify parts of your screenplay that you may improve. As you make changes based on this feedback, let the audience know – and, thank the members who suggested the changes. This shows your audience that they play an important part in the development of your film project.

5) Review your results and promote your audience.

Every 14 days during 3 months, review the results of your efforts. Has your audience grown? Is there real participation and engagement? Is there any additional content as videos, posters, music etc. being generated? Yes?

Then it’s time for to promote your audience and present your project to co-producers & investors. publishes projects for feature films, TV series and documentaries in English, Spanish, French and German.