French digital channels to get cash to make films

French cinema launches fund for Youtube generation of filmmakers

France’s CNC has launched a €2m fund to help young digital producers finance their films. The money is for creatives from Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion and Vimeo. The idea is to fund 100 projects.

Julien Neutres, director of creation, territories and publics at the CNC, hopes that this help will give young creators “the means” to fulfil their ambitions.

To ensure that the money goes to the right place, the CNC worked with videographers already present on these platforms. Studios Bagel, Avner, Les parasites and Norman and Cyprien participated in a year of meetings to draw the framework of this pet project.

Frédérique Bredin, President of the CNC, said we must “support these new writings that are flourishing on the Internet, these new aesthetics, new formats, new forms of writing and directing”.

A 10-member panel of creators, producers, and web entrepreneurs will meet five times a year to award two grants:

The first is called Video support. This will give up to €30,000 for video creation for those with 10,000 subscribers or have been in a festival.

The second is support for creators’ channels which will give up to €50,000 to video creators with 50,000 subscribers or more.

Some may argue that this is a drop in the ocean compared with the €355m euros dished out to French cinema in 2016. But it is a good start and it is great that there is an awareness of this band of new creators. The first productions supported should see the light of day in June 2018.

Quentin Duforeau

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