French are streaming towards subscription video on demand

Subscription video on demand use has grown 40% over the past year in France.

France is in the midst of a subscription-driven video on demand explosion, according to a survey by Médiamétrie.  It found that more than 21% of internet users over the age of six has signed up to a subscription service. This equates to a rise of more than 40% over the past year.

This increase is mainly driven by Netflix, ahead of the two major French players, CanalPlay and SFR Play. An added impetus has come with the arrival of Amazon on the market, it says, illustrating the dynamism of the SVoD.

With the launch in France of CanalPlay in 2011 and Netflix in 2014, the country has progressively tuned into streaming.

It is so popular that the survey found that more than three-quarters use a service once a week and at least 44% daily.

Médiamétrie has been conducting this study for three years now and says that Netflix has moved ahead of CanalPlay and SFR Play.

It says subscribers are happy that they can watch movies and TV series legally, without advertising and at a lower price.

For others its the back catalogues and variety of offering. They love that they are not tied into a contract and can cancel or sign-up at any time. Then there is the possibility to watch on TV at home, or tablet and smartphone on the go. And they have bonus of being able to share accounts, thereby cutting costs.

Quentin Duforeau

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